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Art Portfolio

You can view more of my portfolio at

Diartspora Gallery

Katie is Associate Director of Diartspora Gallery, a large private collection of African-American art. You can view selected items from the collection at


Gere Foundation
Save Tibet
Students for a Free Tibet

cool things
The following are things that make my world unique. Some of the items on the list will help you too!


Aloe Vera Juice (not gel)

A miracle product by nature that I now swear by (thank you M.H. for turning me on to this!). I am not a medical professional but I drink about 5 ounces of this in juice every day and I no longer suffer from cold hands & cold feet. I also have glowing SOFT skin. At Trader Joe's I buy this by the gallon for an amazing price of $7.99!

Appenzeller Cheese (from Appenzeler, Switzerland)

At $18 a pound this is a luxury cheese and I don't have it very often but if you want a taste of heaven, try this cheese - better than Gruyere & Yarlsburg combined - this is the king of all Swiss cheeses- YUM!

Total (brand) 2% Fat Yoghurt (Yogurt)

Almost as good as ice cream, this rich and creamy yogurt is fantastic when drizzled with honey. Great with fruit too. WONDERFUL!

Jubilee Chocolates & See's Candies (Lollipops)

I have a huge sweet tooth and I think all gourmet lovers know about Jubilee Chocolates (ironically the company is in Philly). Experiencing Jubilee Chocolates is a MUST DO in this lifetime. They are online too. See's Candies lollipops (vanilla & chocolate) are my absolute favorites and are also available online. Yum!

Barry's Irish Tea

Available at Irish Shops and online. I was turned on to this tea by a coworker about 8 years ago when I worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Now I know why Irish eyes are smiling - because everyone in Ireland drinks this AWESOME tea. The tea bags are HUGE and one tea bag can actually brew several cups. This is strong.


Ask and You Shall Receive by Esther & Jerry Hicks

I have huge library of metaphysical and new age books and this is my newest favorite. I will say no more. The book speaks for itself.

I Met A Penguin by Frank Asch, copyright 1972

Out of print, but you can find this on line via used book sites. One of my favorite children's books. Mr. Asch mixes Picasso with Cocteau and little Henry Darger to create a wonderful children's book that's really for adults. He managed to get away with drawing penises in a children's book...all I can say is WOW!

Adventures of Perrine by Henri Malot, copyright 1932

Out of print, but also available on used book sites. This was my favorite book growing up and the illustrations are wonderful too.


I love old movies so I love TCM - Turner Classic Movies - on Cable as well as Sundance Channel and IFC for documentaries. My guilty t.v. show pleasure is THE SOUP on E! Channel. Joel McHale is hilarious. The show is witty and sarcastic and exposes the absurdity of celebrities, reality shows and entertainment media B.S. I usually laugh so hard, I have tears streaming down my face.

DAVEY AND GOLIATH cartoons on Saturday afternoon on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. I own all the DAVEY AND GOLIATH cartoons which exist on DVD but there are many more still not converted to DVD. I find DAVEY AND GOLIATH a wonderful, happy, child-like and peaceful to watch before going to sleep. It is like a drug free sleep inducer. When I awake the morning after, I feel happy. Watching DAEVY AND GOLIATH is almost a religious experience for me. I loaned some of my DVDs of D & G to a friend and she had the same emotional reaction.


Organic cotton socks by Maggie's Socks

They are online too but cheaper at WHOLE FOODS MARKETS. I went wild when I found these socks at Whole Foods. I threw out all my old socks. Now my feet don't sweat or stink. I even bought a pair of the Tie Dye kind. My feet feel sooo good now.